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Reaching your fitness goal was never easier

Reaching your fitness goal was never easierThe Cascade Gym by AXN Club 100 is starting to offer various membership options for all residents in and around Lagos.

The 4 Membership concepts are designed to appeal to those who are passionate about their total health, athletic performance and fitness goals. Attaining your personal best will come easy because this exclusive fitness club guarantees personal attention on every level. They furthermore offer luxurious environments where access is limited and everything is top notch.

Under the guidance of Michele Mellone, expert in body transformation and personal trainer, the Cascade Gym by AXN Club 100 presents a unique fitness concept. Featuring a 1000m2 outdoor gym, a gym equipped by Technogym®, football pitches and a studio for yoga and pilates, this fitness venue is in high demand amongst all that seek exclusive fitness and health support. In addition to the regular gym use, a personalized concept of fitness based on three pillars: physiotherapy, nutrition and fitness workouts – with pre-assessment, fitness evaluation and personalized support - will be offered.


• Gym equipped by Technogym
• Outdoor Gym (1000m2)
• Personal Training
• Bootcamps
• Functional Training
• Pilates & Yoga
• Fitness Evaluation
• Physiotherapy
• Postural Training
• Golf Preparation
• Use of heatable Outdoor Pool, Jacuzzi & Sauna
• Direct acess to running paths of Ponta da Piedade
• Privileged treatment with discounted rates at the 5 star Cascade Hotel (Spa, Restaurant & Bar)

T +351 282 782 707 | +351 915 183 888
E: info@axnwellnesscompany.com | axnbootcampalgarve@gmail.com
Address: Rua das Ilhas | Porto de Mós | Lagos | Cascade Resort
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/axnwellnesscompany/
W: www.axnwellnesscompany.com

Reaching your fitness goal was never easier

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