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Locals set to take on 240km stand up paddle challenge

Locals set to take on 240km stand up paddle challengeEmbarking on a brand new adventure on the 25th September 2016, an international team of four men and one woman (including two Algarvians) is paddling down the Spanish Border across Northern Portugal to Porto on stand up paddle boards.

They will cross through the beautiful Douro Valley which has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

We want to highlight the incredible adventures you can have with paddle boards”, says Nick Robinson owner of Algarve SUP down in the South of Portugal. “Last year we paddled all the way across the Algarve over six days, this year it’s the Douro River in Northern Portugal”.

You can follow the five’s progress on their special web site which includes a tracking map www.algarvesup.com/dourosup and links to all the social media updates they’ll be making. After the journey look out for a video they will release on YouTube.

We’d love to have you follow along, so please log onto our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages (linked from our site) and ask us questions or just shout your encouragement. We’ll need it!

The expedition has been sponsored by the UK's RED Paddle Co, the maker of the most popular inflatable stand up paddle boards in the world.

Algarve SUP has organized the trip and SUP Norte in Porto has helped tremendously with the logistics.

More info: http://www.algarvesup.com/dourosup

Locals set to take on 240km stand up paddle challenge

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