Google announces the end of BMM in keywords for Google Ads

OOGLE ANNOUNCES THE END OF BMM IN KEYWORDS FOR GOOGLE ADSBut what is the BMM in Google Ads’ keywords? BMM, or Broad Match Modifier, is the plus sign (‘+’) that we put before the keyword of broad match type. This ‘trick’ allowed us to tell Google to show our ads for all searches that contained certain words regardless of their order, or if they had more words at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the search term.

So, for instance, to sell properties in Faro, we could add ‘+ buy + properties + faro’ as keyword, and would thus catch all the variations researched. The phrase match type, allows us to tell Google to show our ads to all searches containing the specified keywords in the specified order, for example "buy house faro".

Now, with this new change, which will be gradual and implemented from February to July 2021, similarly to what happened with the expanded text ads, Google will automatically apply the phrase match type to keywords in accounts with ‘+’ (BMM). With this change it’s also expected that the type of phrase match itself will expand its reach. According to Google, it is possible that the ads will also appear for searches where the search term has a different order from that of keyphrases present in the account, whenever this is justified. But here we will have to wait to better understand how it will really work.

From this month (February) onward, and until July, accounts using the broad match modifier (BMM) will begin to gradually and automatically move to the phrase match type. And, as of July 2021, the possibility of using the ‘+’ (BMM) in keywords will cease to exist.

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