What on earth is this ‘link in bio’ thing everyone's using on Instagram?

WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS ‘LINK IN BIO’ THING EVERYONE'S USING ON INSTAGRAM?You’re calmly strolling through Instagram and, not just once or twice, you see a ‘link in bio’ reference in some posts, some even from your competitors. And you think: “what the hell is this? And, more importantly, do I have to use it too?”

This is the reaction of a large number of people, particularly small business owners who manage their own social media, when they see this ‘link in bio’ statement in an Instagram post. So, don't worry, you’re not alone and won’t certainly be the last person to wonder what the hell this is! Let’s then clarify some questions on this matter.

“What it is?"

‘Link in bio’ is the indication that you can find a clickable URL in that Instagram profile that will give you more information on the post you’re viewing, whether it is a recipe, advertising for a company, or a specific product.

"Why is it used?"

Instagram does not allow adding external links to other websites in its posts. Despite allowing us to put the address there, it is not clickable, that is, the person seeing it will have to copy that address, open a browser such as Safari or Chrome, paste it there and only then view its content. However, in practice, this is not effective because this way we will lose the user (let's face it – it’s just too much work!).

Since Instagram allows adding a clickable URL to the profile (bio), users started to add the “link in bio” reference to their posts when there’s a link they want the user to follow there.

Don't forget that even if you add two URLs to your profile, Instagram will automatically allow only one of them to be active and clickable.

"But I’ve already seen links in Stories, is it possible?"

Yes, in addition to having them on the profile, it is possible to add links to Stories in one of two ways – the first is through paid advertising (of course!), and as for the second you just need to have a verified account with more than 10,000 followers. The first option will undoubtedly be the fastest!

"When should we use the ‘link in bio’ reference?"

It can be used whenever you want. However, think like the user and ask yourself if it is relevant or complementary to the content you are highlighting.

Imagine you have a campaign running and you are posting it on your Instagram. In this case, temporarily add your landing page or website’s URL to your profile and use the ‘link in bio’ reference in your post or Story.

Remember that the user will look for more information on your business (mainly contacts) in the profile description. So, if you don't already have an URL there, add it now!

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