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Blockchain Basics: A Guide To Understanding The Technology Behind Cryptocurrency

BLOCKCHAIN BASICS: A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND CRYPTOCURRENCYCryptocurrencies have taken over the financial world in recent past years. When we talk about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum never fail to Sign Up in the picture. This is mainly due to the increasing popularity of these two cryptocurrencies in the financial investment market.

In these conversations, you must have consistently heard about the term, Blockchain. Do you know what is this technology and why is it on everyone’s mind these days? Read on to know more about the functioning of blockchain technology to understand things better.

Blockchain is a sophisticated and well-structured technology thatis used to store records of transactions. When we speak of transactions, it records every crypto transaction in an open-sourced ledger. In simple words, a Blockchain can be known as a peer-to-peer node. Since Blockchain is a decentralized system this network of miners all around the globe close these transactions in the ledger for which they are rewarded in terms of fractions of cryptocurrencies. 

Every transaction is authorized by a digital signature of the owner to safeguard the transaction from any sort of tampering. This is what makes the transaction stored in these ledgers extremely secure and trustworthy and that is why people are shifting towards it as their investment alternative.

How Blockchain Technology Facilitates Transactions

  • Whenever you make any transaction with cryptocurrencies, it is automatically sent to the blockchain to be settled. 
  • The computers after receiving the transactions, solve some equations to validate the transaction.
  • The transaction after this process is said to be completed in blocks. 
  • These blocks after the last step are chained together which creates a long history of all the permanent transactions which makes it very organized and easy to locate.
  • Once they are confirmed to be legitimate, they are bundled together into blocks.

Rising Popularity of Blockchain- Things To Know About

The traditional banking system used to be the go-to system for all your financial needs and to some extent, it still is. We never had an alternative for our financial needs but with the introduction of the Blockchain system and cryptocurrencies, this notion is changing. Though traditional banking systems are robust and have a solid history behind them in recent years they have been exposed to certain vulnerabilities due to which blockchain came into existence. 

This is the prime reason why we witnessed several third-party payment options coming up in the market because traditional systems turned prone to cyber-attacks and frauds. We are all well aware of the recent popularity that it has gained but knowing the reason behind its popularity is of vital importance. 

A transaction is said to be completed not only when it is initiated but when it is settled. Recording and storing transaction details are necessary for almost every business. To record and manage these transactions, often professionals are hired which increases the expenses of the business. Blockchain helps a business to avoid such expenses and saves time due to its fast transaction settlement time. 


  • Decentralized: Theblockchain system is decentralized which makes it transparent and open for investors to review at any moment. Unlike the traditional banking systems which were highly regulated, these systems are quite faster, smoother, and way more secure than banking systems. 
  • Highly Secure: These systems due to their open ledger system are highly secure and every transaction is sealed with the owner's digital signature which makes them fraud-free. 
  • Automation Capability: Whenever the criteria of the trigger are met, systematic actions, payments and events are generated automatically. 


Blockchain technology has already made a considerable name for itself in the market but we cannot ignore the fact that there is still a lot to be discovered and studied in this field. It has strong fundamentals and every investor, financial institute, and nation have positive feelings for these systems in the coming future.

It can help businesses and governments to operate more accurately, faster, and in a secure manner in the coming future using this technology. The world is adapting to this technology and various platforms are catering to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry, but one should only choose the most trustworthy platform like Bitcoin Prime. You can simply register yourself and find the best trading opportunity. Bitcoin investment are gaining popularity and this platform gives you a safe trading experience.

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