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Forbes launches Olhão charm offensive

OlhaoRiaViewUnder the title, 'Your Next Vacation: 7 Reasons to Love Olhão, Portugal,' Forbes contributor, Ann Abel has pushed the Algarve city into the international arena in her article released on May 7th.

Clearly having enjoyed the city, Abel has given Olhão a glowing review as a fine example of 'bohemian sophistication' and features Casa Fuzetta, street art, seafood, the revamped Re-Critiva, Casa Modesta, artists' studios and the city's burgeoning restaurant scene.


Ana Abel writes, "The Algarve region of southern Portugal is beloved for its stunning beaches, buzzing resorts and sleepy fishing villages. So it comes as something of a surprise to discover the vibrant art scene.

But international creatives have settled in here in a serious way, giving the whitewashed, sun-drenched city an air of bohemian sophistication that makes it a dreamy destination for those whose idea of a vacation doesn’t begin and end with lying in the sun. Here are seven reasons to visit now...

Click on this link for '7 Reasons to Love Olhão'