Alternative Ways to See European Cities In 2021

ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO SEE EUROPEAN CITIES IN 2021Travelling during health, economic, and political crises seem ridiculous. But if you are smart enough to follow health protocols in every place you visit, you have a chance to return home unscathed and filled with memories that will last—not to mention healthy lungs.

However, we all need to unwind during this pandemic. There’s too much stress that we need to let go of. Moreover, traveling will help businesses that are dependent on the influx of people.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) largely contribute to the stability of Europe’s economy. Now that the pandemic has worsened, SMEs had to lay off their workers and rely on loans. If that doesn’t tell you ‘SMEs need help’, there must be something you don’t see yet.

With that said, tourism is open although regulated. Travel agencies across Europe that are offering services amid the pandemic. You just have to adapt to new traveling procedures to keep you and others safe.

Ways to Travel to Europe


Due to the pandemic, most borders around the globe are closed for all travellers and it will not come to an end yet. That is why inbound travel could be the way for you right now.

Inbound tourism is undeniably beneficial to the SMEs. It promotes a boost in economic growth and opens more jobs to the locals. That is exactly what we need right now—more jobs! Local jobs generated by the closed borders could improve the welfare of a place.

More about that, it is predicted that in 2021 there will be an increase in the number of inbound visitors across Europe. Central/Eastern countries such as Germany, Slovakia, and the like will likely have a 4.6% growth by this year.

The night trains

Night trains or sleepers trains were first introduced in Europe by Belgian Campagne Internationale Wagon-Lits in 1837. For over a hundred years, it served people across the continent but unfortunately halted its services due to various reasons such as operating costs. Due to the pandemic, sleeper trains are gradually re-emerging.  You can say that its services are back on track.

Why sleeper trains? Sleeper train tracks are open across Europe. For example, Prague to Rijeka, Croatia route cut across 15 countries and will only take 15 hours of travel. Additionally, people nowadays are getting concerned with their multiple harrowing airport experiences, and most importantly, their impact on the environment. Aside from these, sleeper trains offer bunkers for their passengers, and they also contribute less carbon emissions compared to airplanes.

Individually booked services

Private hire services are not so different from booking a hotel or a rental car you would be using to travel in a foreign country. You just have to book a schedule first so your travel will go seamlessly.

What are the benefits of private hire services? As seen on Bratislava Airport taxi, private hire vehicles will only accommodate passengers who have been booked. What’s great about that is it lessens your chances of getting infected with the virus, which is more than enough reason why choose Bratislava airport taxi, right? Moreover, services as such are also offered at a fixed price so if you have a well-planned budget for your trip there’s nothing to worry about it.

Travelling in private

This could be the last option you want to take if you are craving for the sound of wind rushing past your ear and the sound of the tire rolling on the asphalt. However, it is best if you limit your group to a number that you can count with your hands.

The Travel Guide

These are some of the things that you should remember to avoid experiencing more stress than you already do:

  • Due to the pandemic, you have to get tested for SARS-CoV-2 first.

Even when you get vaccinated, you still have to get tested for the virus. You shouldn’t travel when you tested positive. If you did get positive results and you are asymptomatic, you should self-isolate for 14 days. Postpone your trip.

  • Bring face masks, face shields, and hand sanitizers.

In places that you will be visiting, there are Covid-19 protocols that include wearing face masks and face shields. Other than being respectful to the rules, it helps in combating the spread of the virus.

  • Book your trip early.

This shouldn’t be forgotten at all. It largely lessens anyone’s stress.  However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, there will be destinations that are restricted for travelers so you have to be prepared for that.

The world is in a handful of crises right now. Protests and riots are happening in almost every corner of the world, at least 2 million people are deceased due to Covid-19, and it seems the end of the tunnel is nowhere to see yet. You might as well be more careful in visiting places and people. Our safety and the end of this pandemic literally depend on our actions.


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