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Study In Universities in Portugal: What You Need to Know

STUDY IN UNIVERSITIES IN PORTUGAL: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWNowadays students often prefer to study abroad. Why wouldn't they? They get to see the world, meet new people from all over, and gain education in the best universities worldwide. Choosing the right country to do so, though, may be the hardest part of the journey.

Well, any foreign student who considers studying in Portugal needs to learn about the country first. See what life is there, what its best schools are, and whether the climate there is what they'd like. So here are things that you need to know before moving into Portugal to study.

Studying in Europe

For any non-European student, studying in a European university may come with some surprises. First of all, before considering studying in Portugal, or any other European country, a student must check their application policies. It is especially necessary for students who are going after a Master degree and further. Many countries have their own specifics and rules for higher education. So checking whether your diploma matches the requirements of the country you are applying to is a must in this case. Don't you worry much, though. You can always count on finding some quality term paper writing help online.

Also, don’t forget about the European exchange program among students, called Erasmus. Any student of a European university can apply and participate in this program. Usually students spend from one to two semeseter in a different European university in a new country. Students have scholarships for the time of the program that should cover most of their expenses.

City choice

Portugal has dozens of great universities all over the country. You may consider picking a city before you make your choice of the university. You can choose based on the region, night life, cost of living, climate, nature, and other factors. You can make a list of universities you’d consider first, or base your choice on the city you’d prefer to spend the next few years of your life.

If you want to live in one of the major cities, then you need to choose between Lisbon, Guimarães and Porto. If you want to be close to the beach, Lisbon and Porto are your safe choice. Guimarães, on the other hand, is a bit further from the ocean. Though it is rich for cultural, historic, and architectural sights. You could even do research on it by ordering a paper from a reliable essay writing company of your choice.

Discipline and university choice

As always, your university choice should be based on such parameters, as their reputation, costs, and most popular majors. Overall, you have to start with what you want to study and which university can offer you the best classes in your field of studies.

The most popular disciplines across Portugal universities are Computer Science, Arts, Finance, General Engineering, and Management. So, if you want to study one of those disciplines, you can pick any university you'd like. Though, if you pursue a more narrow field of study, you may need to do some research. Overall, many Portuguese universities score rather high in international rankings, so you won't be disappointed in any choice you make here.

Moreover, Portugal can be a very pleasant choice for your pocket. For a European country, it keeps the tuition for higher education on a relatively modest level. Overall, you can easily find a school that will charge you around 1,500 EUR per year, unless you want to find some more expensive private university.


Unless you prefer cold, rainy and snowy weather, you would love your time in Portugal! It is beautiful, warm, hot, sunny, and barely rainy for the most part of the year. Of course, the country also experiences seasonality. So depending on the season and region, the climate may face some changes. Still, they are never as drastic as in most parts of Europe. Thus, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy those beaches and hike in the mountains.

Customs and lifestyle

It seems like the pace of life in Portugal goes much slower than in most of the world. Indeed, the soft, beautiful climate, friendly people, and amazing nature including those long beaches can make you forget about the time. In general, people in Portugal don’t like to rush. They honor their midday siesta. They love having long dinners with friends that can last up to midnight. Their lifestyle is way more relaxed and their approach to life is focused on the present moment. Still, it is always nice to come prepared and show the locals that you have learned about their customs and traditions. Asking an essay writing company for help wouldn’t hurt in this case.


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