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Planning An Amazing Road Trip In Algarve

PLANNING AN AMAZING ROAD TRIP IN ALGARVESeated at the southernmost region of Portugal is the region of Algarve. Over a hundred beaches in the region boast some of the world's most beautiful waters, great for any water activity imaginable. More than that, they offer some of the most beautiful and well-preserved historical landmarks in Portugal. 

The region of Algarve is most definitely a melting pot of culture, tradition, and modernity. People looking to go on vacation usually have Algarve as part of their list of must-see destinations, and more than 5 million tourists travel to the region each year. With the number of tourist spots available for sightseeing, tourists should take their time and enjoy the view with a fantastic road trip. To help people explore this beautiful region, here are some helpful tips for planning the best road trip in Algarve, Portugal.

A car that can take you anywhere

The roads of Algarve are great for driving. However, some areas of the region can be pretty challenging to go through. When choosing a vehicle make or model, travellers must remember that their car must be versatile. Whether it is on the road or off-road, their vehicle must withstand any terrain Algarve will offer. For a tourist to experience everything Algarve can offer, it is best to get an SUV to bring all the necessary gear that they might need while on the road. 

A well planned out itinerary

With the number of places to visit, it can be pretty tricky to plan an itinerary to make the most out of someone's visit to the Algarve. However, with a car, it can be easier and manageable. For one of the best spots to watch the sunset, tourists can go to the Cabo de Sao Vicente lighthouse. After witnessing a beautiful sunset, they can enjoy a sumptuous dinner at the Terra restaurant. In the morning, travellers can visit cafes at Praia do Beliche and enjoy some pastel de nata. Meanwhile, the Fortaleza Sagres makes the perfect stop over during a road trip since it has a panoramic view of the ocean.

Be ready for emergencies 

Travelling to the different parts of the Algarve can take tourists away from the town proper. To be prepared for any possible emergency, it is always best to keep a first aid kit in the car or in one's bag. At the very least, a first aid kit must have some bandages and antiseptics, especially for those who are looking to engage in adventure activities. In addition, with the variety of places to explore and food to eat, it is best to have antihistamines at hand.

Bring a few gadgets 

Gadgets are crucial for any traveller for the variety of purposes they can offer. A smartphone can connect any traveller to anyone around the globe, and even it can even be used for navigation. Portable wifi is also crucial to stay connected. The internet allows for the GPS to function and a whole lot more. But apart from all these, a portable power source is perhaps the most important. No gadget will work if they don't have any power. Look for a battery-operated or solar-powered portable charging station if you can. 

These are just some of the things any traveller to Algarve, Portugal, must have if they plan on a road trip. To be well-prepared when travelling to a new place, it is always best to research what could be expected from a particular destination. Remember that it is always best to have more than what is necessary to ensure your convenience and comfort while you're on the road. 


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