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Road Safety On The Algarve: How To Stay Safe Driving In Paradise

Road Safety On The Algarve: How To Stay Safe Driving In ParadisePortugal has been taking serious action over traffic safety in the past decade. As a result, it is today among the countries that have lowered death rates in traffic accidents the most in the EU.

That being said, they are still higher than the European average, so driving in paradise while you visit some of the best beaches in Europe requires your full attention and some extra information to be ready. If you are heading for The Algarve, one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, you have to take note of the information coming next.

About Roads and Tolls

The car rental business in Portugal is growing and is expected to grow up to a million users in 2025. Taking into consideration that the entire country’s population is 10 million, it is quite a large number. These statistics show that hiring a car to explore the stunning beaches of southern Portugal is the way to go for most tourists. One of the main reasons is that, since Portugal joined the EU, roads and highways improved drastically to include massive highways. The one you should bear in mind is the A22 that goes from Lagos all the way to Villa Real de Santo Antonio covering the entire Algarve distance. It is a toll road, and the toll system in Portugal is a little different from other places; it works with cameras charging you as you go without stopping. For this to happen, you need to either arrange with the rental agency for a Viaverde device, or you can enter the website [https://visitors.viaverde.pt/en/home] and arrange to have one as you arrive.

Some Expert Tips to Stay Ultra-Safe

Although driving anywhere else in Europe is not so different from driving in Portugal, here are some extra tips to stay ultra-safe. First, in case you have a bad accident, something that would require a spinal cord injury attorney, for example; the emergency number is not 911, but 112. They will do what is necessary to get help to the spot ASAP. In that regard, one of the main things to bear in mind to avoid accidents is that the ramps to join the highway (like the A22) are in the same lane as the ramps to leave it. Thus, you have to be careful because as you’re speeding up to join the traffic, another car will be speeding down in the same lane to leave it.

Also, alcohol tolerance is close to zero; you might get a fine of up to 1,250 Euros for as little as 0.5 grams in your bloodstream. That is the equivalent of a small beer or glass of wine. In the same vein, in the event you get stopped by the police, driver’s license (international), photo ID (could be your passport), vehicle identification and car ownership papers (usually provided by the agency and called livrete), insurance papers (also agency provided), and vehicle inspection test report (roadworthiness, MOT papers) will be requested. Make sure you leave the agency with them, or you might be in trouble with the police.

Driving around The Algarve is the best way to get to know one of Europe’s best hidden coastal jewels. Places like the magnificent Albufera caves are one-of-a-kind attractions you can’t miss. The best way to do it is to be master of your time and your path, so rent a car, follow the tips above, and have the time of your life in paradise.

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