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Another Wonderful Portugal - Part 2

ANOTHER WONDERFUL PORTUGAL - PART 2IDANHA-NOVA is a Portuguese county by the border to Spain, not far away from Serra da Estrela. From Idanha you have gorgeous views to it, also to some mountains in Spain.

It is part of the NATURTEJO GEOPARK, which has outstanding remains from ichnites from Jurassic-era, as trilobites, as much as 400 million years earlier.

Because of rainwater passing through rich mineral veins, the thermals of Monfortinho are well known and bring many foreign visitors.


Its forests and fields expose incredible and unusual flowers. Many villages have very old castles on top of its mountains, build of stone, from the templar times.

Stone castle

You find a lot of historic remains from many different civilizations, as Visigoths, Celts and Romans. Many folkdances and rhythms are a reminder of those times.

Hunting is common, following all rules and many restaurants have excellent dishes using available local meat. Also handcrafted cheese, using local herbs and a special local wheat offers unforgettable tastes.

Restaurante Clube de Tiro

Hotel Boa Vista

Restaurante Clube de Tiro

The Mayor, Armindo Palma, has since decades worked for an environmental and cultural friendly area. He was newly presenting a book about the very special village of Penha Garcia, where a local group plays quite often for locals and foreigners.


Idanha-Nova has secular villages which you seldom find in other regions. Many folk fests started now in May and run until October. It is a must.

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