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Top 5 Free Must-See Attractions in NYC

TOP 5 FREE MUST-SEE ATTRACTIONS IN NYCNew York is a happening city and the most visited place in the United States. It is an attractive tourist destination worldwide because of high-end shops, eateries, Broadway performances, etc.

NYC is also an expensive city. With so many places to visit, one is bound to overspend. However, as a tourist, you can plan your budget. For instance, you must plan to stay at a decent hotel and get a room for you and your family

Stroll In the Central Park

One of the most loved tourist places in New York City is Central Park. It is probably the most famous place in the world. You can take a walk in anytime and enjoy this place's views.

You won't be dissatisfied with what Central Park offers, whether it is Spring cherry blossom displays, epic summer picnics, Fall foliage, or snow. Some areas to look forward to in the park include Bow Bridge, strawberry fields, Bethesda Fountain, The Mall, The Ramble, Gapstow Bridge, memorials, and Belvedere Castle. Spread over 843 acres, you can roam the whole day, but still, there will be a lot to see

Visit the Time Square

Time Square has to be on your list. Visiting Time Square is one of the top things to do in NYC. It is unusual where you will see large billboards, the M&M store, and routine performers on the pavement. Additionally, it is among NYC's best free things to do.

Although most native New Yorkers stay away from Times Square, it is enjoyable and perfect when visited in the evening to experience the city's commotion, which never stops. The streets are lit with bright lights, big screens, and varieties of street food to dig in. You can roam, party, and have all the fun because Time Square is the center of NYC

Brooklyn Bridge

Visit the Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, also known as the DUMBO in Brooklyn. Expanded to 1.1 miles, Brooklyn Bridge is one of the largest suspension bridges in the world and the most visited place in NYC. It is also known for its sunset point and provides the views you want to cherish for a long time. You can easily travel to DUMBO, cross this bridge, and enjoy the view of Manhattan

The Brooklyn Park

After crossing the bridge, do visit Brooklyn park. You can even see nearby attractions like the Statue of Liberty from the sidewalk and watch movies at Brooklyn park if you stay in the summer. You can also go to the iconic Manhattan Bridge spot, a famous photography location for most New Yorkers and tourists worldwide

Time for the Beach

Your vacation in New York is incomplete without visiting the beach at Rockaway. If you are staying in summer, it is perfect for sunbathing at the beach, which offers the most spectacular experience for beach lovers worldwide. Get a room in a good hotel near the beach and enjoy the perfect weather for a day or two. The NYC authorities maintain the beach, which spans over 23kms, making it the most extensive beach in an urban area in the US. You can have plenty of fun at the place and try some tacos, which are famous beach food for most New Yorkers.

The city of New York never stops to amaze you, no matter how many times you visit it.


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