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14 Tips: How To Find The Exotic Vacation That's Right For You

14 TIPS: HOW TO FIND THE EXOTIC VACATION THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOUEverybody deserves a vacation from time to time. Unfortunately, most of the world’s population has been unable to go away for the last few years, because of the pandemic and its impact on global travel. Some countries still haven’t opened their borders to foreign travellers, and others still have extremely strict measures in place.

If you are planning on going away, then you should go somewhere exotic. After all, what’s more fun than spending one’s vacation in an exotic location?

This post will tell you how you can the right exotic location for your trip.


The first thing that you need to think about when you are trying to figure out where to go on vacation is to work out your budget.  Your budget dictates where you go. No matter how bad you want to go somewhere, if you can’t afford to, then you can’t. If you are on a budget you can still visit exotic locations, you just won’t be able to fly with a quality airline or stay in four- or five-star accommodation.


The next thing to think about is the kind of activities that you are interested in doing. Some places are better for specific activities than others. For example, Amsterdam is known for cycling, and Dubai for jet ski rental, so do your research and find out which places are best for the activities you want to do. Something else to consider is the cost of the activities. A jet ski rental in Dubai will no doubt be more affordable than one in New York because there aren’t many jet ski rentals in New York (and using jet skis isn’t very common there).


Next, think about who you want to bring with you. If the people coming with you don’t deal with hot weather well, then taking them to Barbados probably isn’t a good idea.  There are plenty of exotic destinations that you can visit that aren’t overwhelmingly hot. Likewise, if the people you are travelling with love hot weather then you should try to find a destination that’s very hot. The best way to figure out what your travel companions like is to ask them. They will tell you what interests them, so reach out to them.


After you have figured out who you’re bringing with you, think about where you want to stay. Do you want to stay in a traditional hotel, a bed and breakfast, or an Airbnb? Figuring out where you want to stay will make it easier for you to select a travel destination. Something that you need to bear in mind is that it’s often cheaper to stay in Airbnb rooms. Airbnb hosts tend to price themselves lower than hotels, in order to attract customers.  However, if you want to visit somewhere that’s very rural or off the beaten track, then you might struggle to find people offering Airbnb accommodation.


In addition to finding out what kind of temperature or weather your companions would prefer, you also need to think about yourself. If you can’t deal with hot weather, then don’t travel somewhere that’s very warm. Also, think about the actual weather, and the season that you are travelling in. Even in very warm countries, winter can still get cold. If you want warm weather then you may need to travel somewhere that has hot winters. The best way to find out which countries have the warmest winters is to do your research.


If you are allergic to certain foods, then avoid travelling to places where they are a staple of the locals’ diets. For example, if you are allergic to seafood, then travelling to an island or country that predominantly eats seafood is an extremely bad idea.  If you are going to go ahead and travel somewhere where they eat food you are not able to eat, then make sure that you plan ahead and figure out what you are going to eat instead. You may be able to bring canned food with you. Also, think about the hygiene standards in the place that you want to travel to. Food in some countries is unsafe for European or American travellers to eat.


How long do you want to travel for and how long do you have set aside for your vacation? If you only have a few days, then you obviously won’t be able to travel to the other side of the world, you will have to find somewhere that’s near you. If you aren’t leaving the continent that you live on, then you should be able to get cheap flights with a budget airline to a destination that’s warm and pleasant, for your vacation.


Is there anywhere specific that you want to go? If there are destinations that you want to travel to (and have wanted to travel to) for a long time, then consider going to them. Life’s far too short not to see all of the places that you dream of seeing. However, take all of the other points outlined here into consideration when you are choosing a destination to go to. If it is impractical for you to go somewhere, no matter how much you want to, it is probably a bad idea. Create a list of destinations then start working through them.


What is your reason for wanting to go abroad? Do you want to go away for history, to party, or to relax? If you want to go away to learn about history then places like Rome, Greece, and Turkey are all great (and warm) options. Similarly, if you want to go and party, then you could consider somewhere like Ibiza. To relax, then any tropical or exotic island will do. Make sure your reasons behind wanting to travel are clear before you begin booking tickets, so you can choose the place that is right for you and your companions.


Another thing to consider is the language of the place that you are visiting. If you don’t know the language, then visiting might not be a good idea. However, with that said, you can of course take the time to learn the language. Learning the language of the place that you are visiting will make it easier for you to travel there. Arriving with absolutely no comprehension or understanding of the local language is a very bad idea, though. More often than not, turning up without an understanding of the local language leads people to make bad decisions and mistakes, and get lost.


Are you going to book your flights, accommodation, and activities independently? If you aren’t sure that you have the time to, then you can hire a travel agent. One of the best things about working with a travel agent is that they can also get you access to package holidays. If you are just interested in going away for a quick break and don’t want to experience history or local culture, then a travel agent will be able to help you to get an all-inclusive holiday. Such holidays are usually resort-based.


Once you arrive, how do you plan on getting around? In some places, it is easier than others. The best (and easiest) way to get around in a foreign country is to rent a car. The reason that renting a car is so good is because it enables you to travel more freely. You will be able to visit places you normally wouldn’t. Your only other option besides renting a car is public transport. However, if you are going somewhere remote, you might only be able to rent a motorcycle or a bicycle. Consider your preferred method of transport so you can find a destination that offers it.


When it comes to booking a holiday, you should always trust your instincts. If you don’t think that somewhere is suitable for you and your friends, then don’t go there. Forcing yourself to go to a holiday destination that does not interest you or that doesn’t appeal to you is a waste of your time and money. Going away on holiday is not getting any cheaper, especially when you consider the current cost of living crisis. Trusting your instincts and going places you know interest you and appeal to you is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your holiday.

Bucket List

Lastly, if there are any activities that are on your bucket list, or places to see that are, then give them a priority. Your vacation should be about creating lifelong happy memories. If you don’t go to the places that you want to see most (and do the things you are most interested in) then your life won’t be fulfilling. Fulfilment is a cornerstone of a happy life. If your life does not fulfil you, then you will never feel truly happy, or free for that matter. Ask your friends to share their bucket list destinations, too.

If you are planning on going away on vacation, then you need to seriously think through your choice of destination. Selecting the wrong destination could ruin your vacation. With this post’s guidance though, you don’t ever have to worry about making the wrong choice.


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