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Three Enchanting Days in Silves

THREE ENCHANTING DAYS IN SILVESSilves, a beautiful town in the central Algarve, Portugal, is known for its historic castle, quaint streets and sprawling orange groves. Find out more about Adventures, Culinary Tours and Culinary Delight in Silves.

During my recent trip to Silves I had some fantastic experiences that I would like to share with you. From an exciting buggy tour and a relaxing horse riding adventure to a culinary e-bike tour and fine dining in one of the charming restaurants in Silves.
This city has something to offer for everyone.

BUGGY TOUR SILVESDay 1: Buggy Tour Silves

My adventure started with a good dose of adrenaline on a buggy tour through the beautiful countryside of Silves. I decided to take the unforgettable guided buggy tour that took me to the most breathtaking places of the Algarve. With 500cc buggies I explored off-road trails and enjoyed panoramic views. The tour was based in Silves, central in the western Algarve. It was an amazing experience full of challenging turns and unforgettable photo opportunities.

After this exciting day, I opted for an overnight stay in the city, in a charming hotel Colina dos Mouros Hotel on the banks of the river Arade with a view of the castle. The hotel provided a beautiful view to relax in after a day of adventure, and I enjoyed a relaxing evening with a glass of wine.

Silves accommodation

Day 2: Horse riding in Silves

 a horseback ride through the scenic area of ​​Silves. In the morning I treated myself to a delicious breakfast at the hotel and relaxed by the beautiful pool. On day two I opted for a quieter adventure – a horseback ride through the scenic area of ​​Silves. I chose one of the most beautiful equestrian centers I discovered in the city and experienced an unforgettable ride through the hills.

On horseback I forgot all my worries and let myself be enchanted by the beauty of the surroundings.

After this amazing experience I spent the night with friends who offer a beautiful accommodation, “The River House Silves” The River House is the perfect location for families or groups wanting to get away from it all, with beautiful rooms, large decks and terraces to outdoor dining and sports, an infinity pool and uninterrupted views of the countryside and the Funcho Dam.

Day 3: Culinary enjoyment and cycling in Silves

Club Náutico Silves,On this day I opted for a culinary adventure – the Culinary E-bike Tour, a tasty journey of discovery through the local gastronomy. This tour not only offered delicious food, but also a great way to explore the countryside and charming villages. After the culinary treat, I decided to end my adventure at “Club Náutico Silves,” a beautiful restaurant on the river bank. Here I enjoyed local delicacies and was mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the river.

Conclusion: My three days in Silves were filled with adventure, relaxation and culinary delight. I discovered the perfect activities, accommodations and culinary experiences. Whether you are looking for excitement, relaxation or delicious food, Silves has something for everyone. Plan your own magical adventure in the Algarve and discover the many treasures Silves has to offer.

Also don't forget to attend the great event “Feira Medieval de Silves” for a trip back in time. The Silves Medieval Fair, one of Portugal's most dynamic and renowned medieval events, returns this summer. The all-ages event will take place in the streets of the historic city center, in and around Silves Castle, from August 10 to 20th 2023.

Jenny Weitering - Algarve tipsWant to know more about Silves? I share many more great tips on my Silves Page.

Check out my website HERE, for special deals and more, on all of the activities listed above - all tried and tested by Jennifer at Algarve Tips. 
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