Recreation and leisure in the Rontal: parks, sport and entertainment

RECREATION AND LEISURE IN THE RONTAL: PARKS, SPORT AND ENTERTAINMENTThe Rontal, an idyllic region in Switzerland, offers a wide range of opportunities for recreation and leisure.

Whether you want to relax in the midst of nature, get active in sports or enjoy cultural entertainment - here you will find everything your heart desires.


Bad weather - what to do?

There are days when the weather doesn't play ball and outdoor activities fall through. For such moments, the Internet offers exciting alternatives, such as one or two platforms where you are guaranteed fast payouts of your winnings in the online casino at https://wantedwiin.com/. However, if you still want to go outside and explore the Ron Valley, there's no need to despair. In our following tips for recreation and leisure in the Rontal, there are also plenty of exciting indoor activities to discover that are ideal for bad weather days.

Parks and nature: green oases in the Ron Valley

The Rontal is known for its breathtaking nature and beautiful parks that invite you to linger. There's hardly any need for words here - the region's nature is impressive in its own right and is guaranteed to leave not only us but also you speechless during your visit to the Rontal.

The Rontal Nature Park

A real gem for nature lovers. Here you can hike along well-maintained paths, marvel at the local flora and fauna and enjoy the fresh air. Picnic spots invite you to linger and offer the opportunity for a little refreshment. Thanks to the incredible Karwendel mountains as a backdrop, you will not only experience wonderful hiking trails, but also breathtaking views.

The Rontal Adventure Park

This adventure park is particularly popular with families. With its playgrounds, climbing frames and green spaces, it offers numerous opportunities for sporting activities and outdoor fun. There are also specially designed areas for the little ones to play and run around. In addition, the Ebikon indoor leisure park awaits in the immediate vicinity, where endless adventure fun awaits at any time of year and in any weather.

Sport and activities: Something for everyone

There is a wide range of sporting activities on offer in the Rontal, from traditional sports to modern trend sports. So whether you prefer relaxed sports or are a professional looking for extreme challenges - you are guaranteed to find something suitable here!

Hiking and cycling

The region offers numerous hiking and cycling trails that lead through the picturesque landscape. Whether you prefer a leisurely tour or a challenging mountain hike - there is something for everyone here.

Water sports

Thanks to the proximity to numerous lakes and rivers such as the Rotsee and of course the Ron, you can enjoy a wide variety of water sports in the Ron Valley. Sailing, windsurfing, canoeing or simply swimming - the cool water provides refreshment on hot days.

By the way: If you want to experience a very special highlight, you should definitely visit the Mall of Switzerland - it has the only standing indoor surf wave in Switzerland! An unforgettable experience guaranteed!

Climbing and bouldering

For all those who love heights, the region offers exciting climbing tours and bouldering spots. Both beginners and advanced climbers will find challenges here and can put their climbing skills to the test.

Entertainment and culture: more than just nature

The Rontal, a region primarily known for its breathtaking nature and diverse outdoor leisure activities, also has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment and culture. From local festivals that celebrate the traditions and customs of the region, to museums and galleries that provide insights into local art and history, to cinema and theatre performances that offer something for every taste. Discover now!

Local events and festivals

Numerous events and festivals take place throughout the year in the Rontal, allowing you to experience local culture firsthand. 

From music festivals, such as the annual Blue Aid Festival, to markets and traditional folk festivals, there is something for everyone here. 

Additionally, for art and culture enthusiasts, there are various museums and galleries to discover in the Rontal, particularly in Ebikon. This year, SSBL artists are even exhibiting their works here. This is the ideal location to discover more about the region's history and culture while admiring modern works of art.

Cinema and theatre

Cinema and theatre fans also get their money's worth in the Rontal. Whether blockbuster or arthouse film, drama or comedy - the varied programme offers entertainment for every taste. Our tip: the modern IMAX cinema in the Pathé Mall.

Panoramic trains: A breathtaking journey through the region

The Swiss panoramic trains are a special highlight for anyone wishing to explore the Ron Valley and the surrounding region. These special trains not only offer a comfortable way to travel, but also breathtaking views of the picturesque landscape. Enjoy travelling through tunnels, over viaducts and along crystal-clear lakes as you learn more about the region. Travelling on one of the panoramic trains is an unforgettable experience and a wonderful way to discover the beauty of Switzerland.

The Rontal - a paradise for those seeking relaxation and active holidays

The Ron Valley offers a unique blend of nature, sport and culture, making it an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and active holidays. Whether you want to enjoy the tranquillity of the parks, get active or experience cultural highlights - there is something for everyone here. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the region and enjoy an unforgettable time in the Rontal.


In summary, the Rontal region of Switzerland is a picturesque haven for recreation and leisure that caters for a wide range of tastes. Nature lovers can enjoy the beauty of the Rontal Nature Park, with its well-maintained paths and breathtaking views of the Karwendel mountains. Families will enjoy the Rontal Adventure Park, which offers outdoor fun and nearby indoor activities for when the weather is less favourable.

For sports enthusiasts, the Rontal offers a range of activities from hiking and cycling through breathtaking scenery to water sports on the nearby lakes and rivers. For thrill-seekers, there are climbing and bouldering sites to challenge beginners and experienced climbers alike.

In addition to nature and sports, the Rontal region also offers cultural and entertainment opportunities. Local events, festivals, museums, galleries, cinemas and theatres contribute to a rich cultural tapestry. The inclusion of works by SSBL artists in Ebikon adds a contemporary touch to the historical and artistic exploration.

A unique highlight is the Swiss Panorama Train, which offers a comfortable and visually stunning journey through the region. As tunnels, viaducts and crystal-clear lakes unfold, passengers gain an insight into the region's beauty and history.

In essence, the Rontal is a paradise for those seeking both relaxation and active holidays. Its harmonious blend of nature, sport and culture offers something for everyone, inviting visitors to be captivated by the region's beauty and create lasting memories in the heart of Switzerland.

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