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Passport delays: additional measures to help British nationals overseas

Passport renewalHer Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) is dealing with the highest demand for passports in 12 years and has issued over three million passports so far in 2014. However, demand continues to be high, and recognising people’s understandable concerns about possible delays, the Home Secretary announced on 12 June a series of additional measures to ensure people and families are able to travel and live overseas.

If you live in Portugal and need to renew an existing British passport, you can instead apply for it to be extended for 12 months. You will need to be in possession of a passport that expired less than six months ago or will expire within the next three months, and have at least three blank pages left in your passport. The extension will be done by consular staff in country applying a stamp to the existing passport. You will not be charged for this service.

If you have already made an application to have your passport renewed, you cannot get an extension in your current passport, even if you still have your passport with you. If you need to travel urgently, you can apply for an emergency travel document.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child living overseas who needs to travel, you may be able to apply for an emergency travel document for your child instead of a new or renewed passport.

If you need to get a passport extension, please note that we will be operating an appointment system only. This is to reduce waiting times and help us to make sure you are eligible for these processes. We will not be operating a “drop-in” service. To make an appointment, please call your local Post on 808 20 35 37 or +351 21 392 4000.
You will be given a two-hour window in which to attend for your passport extension. You will need to bring your existing passport, one other form of photo ID, and a form which is available online. There will be no charge for this service.

You can find more information here.


Political & Press Section | British Embassy, Rua S Bernardo 33, 1249-082 Lisboa

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