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New travel guide makes Lisbon more accessible

New travel guide makes Lisbon more accessibleVisit Lisbon with discounts - Save at least 150 euros a day. This is the opportunity created by Bestripvouchers for anyone who visits Lisbon. One hundred per cent Portuguese, the new travel guide of Lisbon, whose ambassador is the actor Ricardo Pereira, provides more than 7500 euros in discounts in transfers, restaurants, hotels, transports and other attractions. An adventure full of unforgetable experiences in the capital of Portugal.

BestripvouchersBestripvouchers is an innovative service, available in English and in Portuguese, being the only travel guide in the world which includes transfers, a map of Lisbon and its surrounding areas, discounts in different experiences, a mobile App with GPS for day planning and predefined itineraries to visit Lisbon.

A travel guide with discounts, valid for two people during the whole civil year, personal but transferable, which covers the metropolitan area of Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra. If well used, it allows savings over 150 euros/day with the guide’s partners, all of them highly rated on Tripadvisor.

The biggest advantage of Bestripvouhers is that it is an all in one guide that, in its price, includes transfers from Lisbon Airport to the hotel and back. Usually, a tourist pays about 35 euros for a taxi ride, which almost pays the guide.

Foreign tourists who have already experimented this service praise the convenience of the included transfers, very appreciated by people who do not know anything about the city prices. As reported by a recent study with tourists who came to Lisbon, there are two major concerns during the planning of their trip: safety and the reliability of the places to visit.

According to the Portuguese National Statistics Institute, in 2014 Lisbon had 4.9 million guests, more 13.4% than in 2013, and the hotels had profits of 678.2 million euros. Last April, the hotel occupation rate was 76.62%

This is how Bestripvouchers appears, the first Lisbon travel guide which gathers partners with a rate equal or higher than 4.5 on Tripadvisor.com, a guide full of discounts that do not compromise the service provided and which includes a mobile App with GPS, as well as transfers from the airport to the hotel and back.

Bestripvouchers can be purchased online at www.bestripvouchers.com and costs 39 euros. It is also available for sale at the Turismo de Lisboa offices, hotels and other national and international travel partners.

Portuguese startup innovates in tourism

Bestripvouchers was created by an 100% Portuguese company and allows tourists to benefit from more than 7500 euros in discounts in different experiences.

They are two brothers and a childhood friend, united by the visionary idea of showing Lisbon in the most practical and safe way possible. João and José Luz had the original idea and Sérgio Moisés assured a variety of partners, all highly rated on Tripadvisor.com, as a way to ensure the quality of the service.

This is how they created Bestripvouchers, the first tourist guide which includes personalized transfers on a BMW 7 Series.

«The amount paid by tourists on a taxi ride airport-hotel-airport alone pays for the guide», José Luz says, onde on the mentors of Bestripvouchers in Portugal.

Thinking of a national symbol with expression across borders, João, José and Sérgio asked the actor Ricardo Pereira to be the ambassador of the guide and help to promote a new way for tourists to look at Lisbon.

«When people ask me what to visit in Lisbon, I always recommend trustworthy places, with an unique experience. Bestripvouchers includes transfers and discounts, a good welcome card for the city. Lisbon already deserved a guide like this», Ricardo Pereira says.

However, the company is not settling yet and hopes to launch, in 2016, the editions Oporto, Algarve and Madeira.

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