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The Stork's Rock - a video story about a bird family

THE STORK'S ROCK - A VIDEO STORY ABOUT A BIRD FAMILYBetween February and June 2021, Dora Mandora was living in Portugal near Aljezur in the Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park. This video story tells the tale of a Stork family there.

Dora says, "I was amazed by the surrounding nature. On one of the ocean cliffs, I found stork nests, and I recorded more than 8 hours of footage, which I edited into a 13 minutes story. From the moment of laying the eggs, to the young leaving the nest. It's the only place in the world where storks lay their eggs and raise their young while living in nests perched on picturesque cliffs, in very tough terrain."

You can follow Dora Mandora on https://www.facebook.com/MannDora and https://www.instagram.com/doramanndora/


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