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Portuguese Women Second Slowest to Close the EU Gender Pay Gap

Portuguese Women Second Slowest to Close the EU Gender Pay GapExpert Market, Europe’s leading B2B marketplace, has conducted new research into the factors that affect thegender pay gap in the EU. By modelling current pay gap trends into the future for five economic factors (hours worked, sector, age, industry and job type), we have identified both the countries and the groups of women who will see the gender pay gap close quickest.
Surprisingly, Romania took the top spot with a potential gender pay gap closure date of 2018 with women aged between 25 and 34, working a skilled manual role within the private hospitality industry most likely to achieve equal pay first.

In all of the top performing nations, the quickest routes to gender pay equality favoured women currently aged 34 or under and who worked in some capacity for the government or in the electricity and energy sector.

Portuguese women finished twenty-fifth in the rankings with a pay gap closure date of 2068. This favoured women aged 35-44 who worked part time as clerical support for a real estate company.

At the bottom of the table, women in The U.K and Hungary will be waiting for pay parity until 2067 and 2068 respectively.

EU gender pay gap overview

EU gender pay bap overview

Michael Horrocks from Expert Market comments: “Although it is troubling to see the gender pay gap persisting in the EU, it is encouraging to see several potential closure dates in the near future. This research indicates that the traditional European powers - U.K. , France & Germany - could be doing more to help close the gender pay gap.”

 Which EU nation will close the gender gap first?

Which EU nation will close the gender gap first

See original article: http://www.expertmarket.co.uk/focus/closing-eu-gender-pay-gap


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