Workshops and Courses - Art, Drama, Movement and Music

Art Workshops and Courses with Gonçalo RodriguesArt Workshop with Gonçalo Rodrigues on Friday, February 23rd from 6pm to 7.30 pm. (and every last Friday of the month).
The workshop on 23rd will be dedicated to reusing forms, drawings and stains. Departing from previous work we will reach different and new results. Within individual and group work, the participants will be "challenged" to create something new departing from given impulses.

Regular courses for Children and Teens:

Dramatic Expression & Movement with Nicole Lissy: Thurday: from 6 pm. to 7.30 pm
Guitar and Ukulele with João Violão: Wednesdays from 6 to 7 pm and 7 to 8 pm
Piano Lessons with Liliana Neto: upon booking via +351 960 017 127

You can visit our exhibitions from Monday to Friday late afternoon or upon booking (+351 960 017 127).

Looking forward to meeting you!

Venue: Amarelarte, Associação Cultural e Recreativa, Rua Brites de Almeida 41, FARO

Mais Info: ou
TM: +351 960 017 127

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