A Sea of Creativity by Gabriela

A Sea of Creativity by GabrielaThe motto of Mar d’Estórias since its opening in 2016 has been creativity. Do you know why? Since the beginning, we have within our team the shop assistant Gabriela Rodrigues that is not limited to the management of the store of Mar d’Estórias. In fact, we have in Gabriela the creativity and imagination to transform our 4 walls with products in stunning showroom compositions; in presenting them in an original way and in making our selection a little more special.

Gabriela RodriguesNonetheless, she is dedicated to the search for items with innovative and quality concepts that convey the best of what is done in Portugal, as well as committed to the search for revitalised image brands that bet in differentiation.

Gabriela is from Cologne (Germany) where she grew up until she moved with her parents back to Portugal in her teens. From an early age, the artistic vision characterises her way of seeing the world and guided her to graduate in Applied Arts and Artistic Painting. Always following a journey through the image she added to her knowledge the training in Marketing, Corporate Image and, finally, Communication Design, which Gabriela applied in the companies in which she worked and, independently, in many works in the area of branding, illustration and design. In addition, in the constant attempt to express her art, Gabriela regularly participates in competitions and national and international exhibitions.

Gabriela's illustration of our 'Candle In'By embracing this Portuguese project in full, Gabriela applied her expertise and adds value to what is done in Mar d’Estórias by telling the story of the products in each composition: "I like to create and recreate, looking for new meanings to communicate, "says Gabriela, adding that " being a part of this project means working daily at what I most love”.

A painting by talented GabrielaGabriela's contribution to Mar d’Estórias goes far beyond the ephemeral art of window dressing. She also participates in the creation of some of our products, such as the illustration of our Candle In.

We believe that the team we have at the moment has chosen the Mar d'Estórias project to transform it into this unique space and we are grateful for it.

About Mar d'Estórias

Mar d’Estórias intends to be an innovative place that values everything Portuguese with special emphasis on the Algarve. It was planned to provide a balanced passage between the different areas of the shop, the café/bistro, the art gallery and crowned by the roof top terrace bar with a sea view.


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