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Snapshot! Art, photography, books, and news from the Algarve - December 2022


Our December edition is just waiting for you! And it's packed with features, photographs and news! And "Zara? - Who's Zara?" You'll have to look inside to find out!!

We've got an exclusive interview with the enigmatic Victor Bucket - pseudonym for the hugely successful author V D Bucket of the Bucket to Greece series of travel memoirs.

We travel around the Algarve in words and pictures, review lots of lovely books, and Dave shows you how to shoot Christmas Lights in this month's camera lesson.

And we have a fabulously funny interview with Tiger the cat, who definitely rules the roost in author Simon Michael Prior’s home down under!

All this - and lots more!

We hope you enjoy this issue and we also want to thank you for your loyalty, support and encouragement over the last twelve months. We are so grateful to all of our subscribers - we put this together for you every month knowing that you enjoy reading it. So thank you - very much.

Best wishes and have a great festive month, from Dave and Alyson Sheldrake.

CLICK HERE to read Snapshot - December 2022. 


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