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Grand Opening of The Art Hive Gallery, Albufeira

GRAND OPENING OF THE ART HIVE GALLERY, ALBUFEIRAWe are pleased to announce the inauguration of Albufeira's newest contemporary art gallery, on Saturday 9th December 2023 at 1pm until 5pm.

Founded by professional artists Andrea Barlow and Lynn Collins-Baldock, the Art Hive is dedicated to fostering an art community and showcasing exquisite, carefully curated pieces.

Catering to first time and experienced art collectors with a passion to discover the best new and emerging contemporary artistic talents,  Through promoting and supporting the talents of some of the most exciting emerging artists from around the world, they aim to dispel the myth that quality artwork comes with a high price.  The Art Hive Gallery will encourage the accessibility of original and affordable artwork, whilst continuously supporting artists in their early career, which in turn will create investment opportunities for art buyers and collectors.

They are passionate about emphasizing the idea of a vibrant, buzzing community of artists, interior designers and collectors in a space to come together to collaborate, learn and express themselves.

Join us on this journey of artistic growth, connection and success - “together we thrive at the hive”.

Address: Mercado Municipal das Areais de S.João,  Estrada de Santa Eulália, 8200-269 Albufeira


Andrea Barlow -  TM: 916 123 238
Lynn Collins-Baldock  - TM:  918 911 664

Email: thearthivegallery@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thearthivegallery/


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