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SNAPSHOT! Art and Photography news from the Algarve - December 2023


Feliz Natal! Welcome to our jam-packed seasonal December edition. Below is a sneak peek of what's inside for you this month...

Dave's Photography - Old buildings and stunning sunsets

Alyson's Art - Latest commission and artwork for sale

Meet the Author - We interview the awesome Joanna (J F) Penn

Boa Comida - Have you ever tried Heavenly Bacon?!

My top 5 Algarve - With Algarve author Lady Dawn Annandale

Kat's Kuestions - Meet Maximilian Sam's rescued Tinker

Learn Portuguese - It's all about the holiday season in Portugal

Paw Prints - Fun on the beach and Buddy's Legacy

The Bookshelf - Do alligators really eat marshmallows?!

Life in the Algarve - Including the Lighthouse Portugal project

Alyson's Books - 3rd All Stars Bonus and a Magical Xmas Book Fair

Over To You - All your fabulous feedback and Ko-fi donations

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