Clouds of Guilt - a new book by local author

Clouds og Guilt by Sally hope JohnsonThis is the second novel by Sally Hope Johnson, an author and human resources manager who spends as much time as she can in her beloved Algarve. She is married, has two grown-up children, and one cat. She writes in her spare time and has produced many short stories, some winning prizes locally and nationally. Sally is an active member of the Thames Valley Writers’ Circle in Berkshire, England. Her ambition is to write a best seller and win more prizes. Dreams do sometimes come true…

Just like in the first book Breaking Tracks, Sammy Porter’s life and how she deals with her Clouds of Guilt make for a compelling sequel that’s filled with love, devotion, and betrayal. A year has passed and Sammy is now settled in Portugal with her Portuguese boyfriend, Angelo.

One night a phone call starts a series of events that cause Sammy to be overwhelmed by guilt, making her choose between family duty and love for her man. Trying to combine both, she encounters discrimination, violence, and deceit. Can she keep her man and her family?

A new man enters her life at the same time a Portuguese woman makes a play for Angelo. Will the couple stay together or is Sammy due for a change? Either way, Clouds of Guilt appear on the horizon!

CLOUDS OF GUILT: A SEQUEL TO BREAKING TRACKS (ISBN: 978-1-62212-713-9) is now available for £10.97 and can be ordered via the Algarvedailynews Bookstore and also: |

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