NEW BOOK: “Moving to Portugal" by Ben and Louise Taylor

Moving to Portugal by Ben and Louise TaylorMany people go on holiday to a beautiful sun-drenched location and say “I wish we lived here.” Louise and Ben Taylor decided to take the plunge and make their dream a reality, relocating from the UK to Portugal three years ago.

Documenting their life-changing experience, their new book, ‘Moving to Portugal’ is a warm and witty tale of why, when and how this upwardly mobile central London couple decided to throw the towel in and set up shop in the sun dappled haven of Tavira in the Algarve. 

 Available in paperback and for Kindle, ‘Moving to Portugal’ examines the lows as well as the highs of relocating, and is essential reading for anyone considering a new life abroad.

Neatly split into two sections, with the first section written by Ben’s wife, Louise, ‘Moving to Portugal’ delightfully covers the couple’s first two years of challenges as well as offering hints, tips and advice to anyone thinking about planning a move overseas. 
As one reader enthuses, "The book is well written, entertaining and ‘real’. It gives a good picture of life in the Algarve; and there were many times when I exclaimed out loud ‘yes!’ or ‘oh good, it’s not just me that happens to!’."

For more information about the author, Ben Taylor, who describes himself as "an aspiring travel writer, competent cook, Microsoft certified techno-geek, music obsessive, and recent migrant from rainy London to sunny Portugal", read his award-winning blog - Moving to Portugal, or contact him on:

T: +44 208 133 5244 

‘Moving to Portugal’ is available in paperback (RRP £8.99), and Kindle version (RRP £5.45) at the Algarvedailynews Bookstore.


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