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Book Launch - NEW Healthy Eating Cookbook by Rosário Magalhães

BOOK LAUNCH - NEW HEALTHY EATING COOKBOOK BY ROSÁRIO MAGALHÃESOn Saturday 9th April, at 3pm at the restaurant Fortaleza da Luz (Praia da Luz) there will be a launch of a special cookbook, 'Cooking for All Seasons, Healthy Eating Throughout the Year' by Lagos resident, Rosário Magalhães.

BOOK LAUNCH - NEW HEALTHY EATING COOKBOOK BY ROSÁRIO MAGALHÃESIt is a collection of her own recipes that use seasonal, organic ingredients for foods that are both healthy and delicious. The fact that they are easy to make will no doubt, appeal to busy people!

It was Rosário’s 14-year stint as economic attaché at the Portuguese Embassy in Paris that introduced her to different culinary experience. Frequenting different restaurants, it was the vegetarian ones that impressed her most, along with the growing awareness of the benefits of organic food.

Back in Lisbon she attended cooking workshops, started experimenting with food and soon gave lessons herself. During the years she has amassed a huge number of recipes. She was persuaded to publish the recipes in book form and in December last year it was printed in both Portuguese and English. It is divided into separate sections. There are recipes for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and All Year Round. And as Rosário loves celebrations there is a section on Special Occasions.  In the introduction she outlines her philosophy on nutrition and healthy living.

Rosário has been resident in Lagos since 2013. Apart from relishing the wonderfully fresh air and slower pace of life here, she continues to give cooking lessons at the local Senior University.

Everyone is welcomed to the Cooking for All Seasons, Healthy Eating Throughout the Year book launch on the 9th of April, at the Fortaleza da Luz, Praia da Luz, 3 pm. A small sampling of food prepared by Rosário will be available.

Books (25€ with post included) can also be ordered directly from Rosário Tel. 918 409 470, Email rosariomagalhaes@gmail.com


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