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Kat the Dog - The remarkable tale of a rescued Spanish water dog

KAT THE DOG - THE REMARKABLE TALE OF A RESCUED SPANISH WATER DOGThe book Alyson Sheldrake has dreamed about writing ever since she first started putting Living the Dream together  - Kat's story is a blend of fiction and memoir.

20381 1Escaping from a wretched existence on a rundown farm, a young Spanish water dog goes on the quest of a lifetime, in search of a family to love her and a place to call home. Follow Kat the Dog as she tells her heart-warming and uplifting story. The little dog with a big heart who journeyed through fear and starvation to find her forever home.

You will be able to purchase the eBook, Paperback and Hardback on Release Day - the 3rd May - but you can pre-order the eBook now and it will magically arrive on your device on the 3rd May!

15% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to local animal rescue charities.

Pre-orders really help boost the ranking and visibility of a book on Amazon - especially for an indie author - so if you are interested in reading Kat's story - please do click the pre-order link.

The early reviews and feedback for this book have literally blown Alyson, Dave and Kat the dog away! 

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