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An inspired story about the cowboy in all of us

 When Cowboys FallThe new book by Réal Laplaine, When Cowboys Fall, is a romantic contemporary fiction about a man, a very average dude, who finds himself looking at the shorter end of the road in his life, and not having achieved his dreams, faces the proverbial mid-life crisis.

He takes a break and goes to Greece in the hopes of finding some reconciliation, rents a small boat and heads out for a sail one day, but by fate or happenstance, ends up in the water, struggling to survive for fifteen hours, facing imminent death. However, the Universe wasn't done with him yet, and what ensues is an inspiring story about rediscovery, following one's dreams and love - a story about life.

Release price $6.95 (USD), €12.68 or £5.50 (GBP), on Amazon and other book sellers.



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