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Life Zest - a solo-travellers journey by campervan, on her way to find happiness

LIFE ZEST - A SOLO-TRAVELLERS JOURNEY BY CAMPERVAN, ON HER WAY TO FIND HAPPINESSThis is a truth-based story about Tika; a twenty-seven-year-old woman who is single, independent, minimalistic and happy.

She works for one of the largest tech companies in the world, in a huge office that looks similar to a playground. But, when the pandemic starts in March 2020, the office is replaced by the wide world and the bicycle for a campervan. She leaves for three months and works from the van.

On her way, she finds nature, adventure, friends, and herself.

About the author

This is the start. The start of a journey, a search, a story. Truth-based, even though we would never have believed it to be so if it was told two years ago. For some, this was the end or, at least, a long break. Not for me. I started a journey that brought me further than the end of the world. I will take you with me.

In the final chapter, I recommend a few music playlists for those who are convinced to goon their own road trip after reading my story, because good music is essential. The perfect song at the right moment can make it possible for you to get into a nice flow. Enjoy!

Life Zest - Tika Spijkerman is available for delivery to Portugal on Amazon.de HERE.

ISBN: 9781837940752
PRICE: £12.99 / $14.99
RIGHTS: PEGASUS PUBLISHERS LTD, Telephone 01223 370012, E-mail editors@pegasuspublishers.com

W: www.pegasuspublishers.com


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