Algarve journalist tells the full story of Fátima

The Fatima PhenomenonAn impartial insight into the history and controversies surrounding one of Christendom’s most fascinating sagas. At a time when large numbers of visitors from many countries are heading for the Catholic shrine of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ in Portugal, Algarve journalist Len Port has just published an ebook entitled The Fátima Phenomenon - Divine Grace, Delusion or Pious Fraud?

The author notes that according to official statistics between four and five million visitors come to Fátima each year. Religious tourism shows no signs of slowing. While a high proportion of visitors are from Portugal, pilgrims and sightseers stream in from more than 70 countries, mainly Spain, Italy, Poland and the United States. Many also come from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This year marks the 95th anniversary of a series of apparitions of the Virgin Mary who is said to have communicated with three Portuguese children. It is claimed that ‘Our Lady of Fátima’ first appeared on 13th May 1917 and again during the following five months.

On 13th July she warned of the need to consecrate Russia and of terrible punishments facing humanity. On 13th October a huge crowd of spectators reportedly witnessed ‘the Miracle of the Sun’, which has been likened to the biblical parting of the Red Sea. 

To the anger of many Catholics, the so-called ‘third secret’ entrusted by the Virgin Mary to Lúcia, the eldest of the Fátima visionaries, was long concealed by the Vatican and only divulged in the year 2000. The Vatican’s eventual explanation of the secret has been widely denounced as a whitewash and a cover-up.~

Of the many books published on the subject, nearly all have been written from a purely religious standpoint. This new book is the result of a comprehensive and wide-ranging study from religious, political, historical, philosophical and psychological perspectives.

In presenting astounding facts, claims, counterclaims and opinions from a broad spectrum of relevant people, the author invites readers to make up their own minds where the truth lies.Len Port

Who were the visionaries, what exactly did they report and in what circumstances? Did the Church authorities manipulate the situation in the face of political repression? What role did Freemasons play in the saga? Why is the ‘third secret’ still hugely contentious? These and many other questions are examined in The Fátima Phenomenon – Divine Grace, Delusion or Pious Fraud?

Says the author: “The aim of the book is to add light rather than generate more heat. It is meant to be factually informative and thought provoking without being deliberately offensive. It is really a book for those who are inquisitive and open-minded, who like questioning and evaluating.” 


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