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New book from Tony McMahon

Quest for the True CrossAuthor Tony McMahon was shortlisted for the sports biography of the year in 2011 for 'No Place To Hide', a harrowing story of racism in the 1970s/80s boxing scene. Aurum Press also published his biography of Neville Staple, lead singer in The Specials. He is a former BBC news producer and currently Director of Strategy at CTN Communications. His new book titled 'An English Knight Templar in Portugal - Quest for the True Cross' was published this week.

An English Templar believes he is possessed by a demon. A new kingdom of Portugal fights to take control of Al-Usbuna, the most sacred relic of the Templars has been stolen. The year is 1147.

Three men thrown together on one quest:

William de Mandeville - A troubled knight is sent home to England from the crusades. War has driven him to the brink of insanity. He discovers his father's body hanging in a tree - forbidden a Christian burial after he rebelled against the king and the church. William must embark on a dangerous journey to restore his family honour, bury his father and retrieve the most sacred object of the Templars, stolen by the Saracens.

Pathros - A man caught between east and west. To the Saracens, he's an apostate. To the crusaders, he's a heretic. An eastern Christian whose family has fallen on hard times, Pathros is forced to fight alongside the Templars. Even though he is a physician and well educated, he is reduced to a lowly status within the secretive Order. But his friendship with William opens up a route to finding his own identity.

Nicholas - In a world of huge upheavals, can a boy-thief rise to become a knight? Rescued from a barbaric trial by ordeal, the poorest child in the village becomes William's squire. But just as things seem to be looking up for him, disease strikes.

The twelfth century is surprisingly like our own time - one of uncertainty and transformation. We see a toxic mix of faith and power politics. And there are those - many of them - who feel disenfranchised and angry.

From the kingdom of Jerusalem where the crusaders face certain defeat at the hands of the Saracens, we journey to a medieval England in deepest turmoil. Then we embark on a quest to Al-Andalus and the crusade against the Islamic rulers of modern Portugal.

You will meet all the great heroes of Portuguese history in Quest For The True Cross - Dom Afonso Henriques, Geraldo Geraldes, Pedro Pitoes, Gualdim Pais and Martim Moniz.

Our hero discovers a world where your enemies are often on your own side.

The book is available in English on Amazon.

Contact Tony here:

T: +44(0)7730043989
Blog: http://thetemplarknight.com/ informs on medieval history.

Purchase this book from the Amazon Store at Algarve Daily News




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