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McCartney, Madeleine, Galloway, Cook ...

Len PortPeople in a Place Apart, the latest book by Len Port. A new book about the Algarve, unlike any before it, is published and available exclusively from Amazon. It is called People in a Place Apart. The well known local author Len Port has been writing about the goings-on in the region for many years.

This new non-fiction title focuses on the people of southern Portugal from ancient times, right up to the present day.

It contains intimate insights into various cultures and individual personalities, including royalty, political heads of state, outstanding warriors on the high seas and in the air, celebrated writers and stars of sports and entertainment. The famous characters included are as diverse as Henry the Navigator and Henry Cooper, Vasco da Gama and George Galloway, the Marquês de Pombal and Paul McCartney. 

Early chapters deal with people during momentous periods in the Algarve?s history, from the first Phoenician explorers and the Moorish occupation to nationhood and the Age of Discovery. The later chapters consider the movers and shakers from the Swinging Sixties to the troubled times right now.People in a Place Apart

While much of People in a Place Apart is about the famous and influential, parts dwell on villains and victims, as well as infamous murders and mysteries. The notorious trial of Michael Cook and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are included. Well aware of the parlous economic state of print publishing nowadays, Len Port has embraced the new era of eBooks by launching People in a Place Apart with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing programme.

A print edition of the book may become available later in the year, but for now it is available as an eBook that can be read on Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android-based devices.

It can be downloaded from Amazon in seconds from here...


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