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A European comedy about dreams, trust and sausages...

“The Clean Up”The Clean Up” is a new book from a new author, set around an unnamed town in the central Algarve (could it be Albufeira?). It follows the daily trials and tribulations of an immigrant chef, unwittingly caught up in a mysterious sting, aimed at defrauding a pair of foreign businessmen with an eye on a quick buck.

Described as “A European comedy about dreams, trust and sausages” it is written in English by a Dutchman, the style is unique and quirky and will appeal to anyone who likes a mystery with a large slice of humour. The settings and situations will resonate with anyone familiar with life in the south of Portugal, the disparate - and sometimes desperate – characters and places the hero encounters on his way spring off the page and are immediately recognisable to anyone who has spent time in this beautiful part of the world.

A European comedy about dreams, trust and sausages...

About the author

Born 50 odd years ago in the Netherlands town of Leeuwarden, in a house full of teachers, it was inevitable that Luke Havik would become… well, actually, a musician.

Having graduated in Dutch from the University of Groningen, he moved to France where he played guitar and sang with two Americans, entertaining holidaymakers during the ski season. One of his fellow musicians invited him to the US where he got a job working in the kitchen of a French restaurant in Aspen. As he says himself "The musicians were just too damned good over there...".

At the age of thirty he decided it was time to get a “proper” job, moved back to The Netherlands to join an insurance company. It really wasn’t him. He decided to move south.

Since then Luke Havik has resided for almost two decades in the Algarve, playing music. He loves it. He's not going anywhere.

The Clean Up is available to purchase, in paperback, on Amazon - CLICK HERE.

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0 #2 John G 2016-02-21 13:37
8) Great book with lots of twists and Luke's sense of humor. Well worth the read.
+1 #1 Steve G 2016-02-21 13:10
Read it already, very funny! :D

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