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Currencies 4 You opens in Almancil to serve expanding market

currencies4youThe Currencies 4 You office now is officially open for business after an inauguration reception at the premises at Rua 5 de Outubro in Almancil.

The well known Algarve financial expert, Simon Perks, now leads a team of two currency exchange specialists - Elisabete Serrano and Andrea Barnett - who will ensure the new business thrives in the competitive, yet expanding market.

Currencies 4 You was founded in 2009 by Suraj Gokani, whose network of offices in key expat markets now includes a bricks and mortar presence in the Algarve.

Gokani was at the lauch and, with his company's 14-years of experience in this volatile market, will ensure his first branch in Portugal will continue to build on Currencies 4 You's reputation as as industry leader in helping customers achieve the most for their money when making cross-border payments.

The importance of having staff on the ground and a high street presence has been confirmed at other of the company's overseas branches - "By dealing directly with the currency markets, it means the middle men are brushed aside, this then allows buyers and sellers to be matched against each other, therefore allowing the client to have a competitive price on their foreign exchange."

The rise in property transactions has increased the market for currency exchange specialists as banks now are widely recognised as offering poor currency exchange rates.

But are there now already too many currency exchange companies serving the Algarve? "Not at all," commented Suraj Gokani, "we welcome competition and the chance to prove our service and rates are second-to-none."

Simon Perks is certain this is the right company at the right time and looks forward to his wide network of business and private contacts, "putting us to the test. The team is first class and I am looking forward to developing this business - our personal relationship managers are key and our currency services are best of breed."

With savings of up to 5% on high street bank currency transfers, those exchanging funds are advised to look at other available rates and to use a specialist company - "call us now and give Currencies 4 You a chance to save you money," said Perks.


Enquiries call: +351 (0) 289 156 369

Email: info@currencies4you.com
Office Address:
Avenida, 5 de Outubro, Loja 135, Almancil, Faro, Portugal
























Below: from left to right: Manish Gokani, Elizebete Serrano, Suraj Gokani, Simon Perks, Andrea Barnett and Prem Raja


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