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SEO 101 by Clarity: Crawlability or why my website does not appear on Google - PART 1

SEO 101 by Clarity: Crawlability or why my website does not appear on GoogleYour website doesn’t appear on Google? Even if you search for your brand name, there are no results? Or, maybe, the problem is that your newly created page, that you spent long hours preparing, is nowhere to be found? Feeling desperate?

First, though this is rather scary, don’t panic. The problem can probably be solved with a quick fix. However, in order to succeed, you need to understand what crawlability is.

Google has robots (crawlers) that without rest, 24/7, follow links on the internet, going from page to page, discovering new websites and new pages or checking for changes on the existing ones. This process is called crawling.

So, crawlability is the ability of those bots to follow a link, enter and “see” a page. If Google crawlers get blocked from your website or page, they cannot discover its existence or content and thus Google won’t add your website or page to its index, and therefore it won’t appear on the search results page.

If you see that some of your web pages aren’t appearing on the search results, your first reaction should be to check the crawlability of your website.

Now, this is when things get a little technical, so, if possible, ask for help from your marketing agency or IT team, so they can check your website for crawlability issues.

If you’re curious and want to learn more about this, or if you’re a fan of a DIY approach, just wait for our next week’s article, where we will give you all the juicy details about what and where to check. So, stay tuned!

For more information, bespoke strategies and efficient digital marketing solutions, just contact the Clarity’s girls through info@yourdigitalclarity.com or visit our website at www.yourdigitalclarity.com.

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