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Efficient Ways to Build Your Brand Through Social Media

Efficient Ways to Build Your Brand Through Social MediaIn this day and age, you can’t really bring up marketing without social media. Even clients understand this. The first thing any client says—right in the middle of a meeting, is “what about our social media following?” They’re not wrong. The current state of social media dictates that more eyeballs hit ads than on any other platform.

There is a natural progression in the advertising world. First, it was the newspaper. You were on the tiny corner of page 9 of whatever publication you could afford. From there it evolved into movies, television, and now the phone. It only makes sense to have your brand present on social media. That way, you’re in everyone’s pocket. Here are some of the most efficient ways to build your brand through social media;

Consult With An Expert

Social media marketing is the same as any other form of marketing. The difference is in how a following is built. The term “followers” is a bit of a loaded one. It’s a catch-all term for potential customers and avid consumers of your free content. When you consult with experts, you can expect organic instagram growth throughout the lifespan of your campaign. It’s important to mention the “organic” side of one’s following. There are a lot of folks out there that buy users from overseas “farms” in order to pad their growth. The purpose of this is to erroneously come off as popular. That game is a losing one. That’s adding in hundreds or thousands of 100% for sure non-customers with no possibility of conversion. Organic Instagram growth makes sure that each and every person following is a genuine fan with the potential to engage with your service or purchase your product. 


Content is the function of the internet. Again, content is kind of a buzzword today. You hear it everywhere. You even hear it out on the town. “Oh, I make content,” says the teenager with a sports car bought with his parent’s money. True content is focused on a goal. True content isn’t randomly generated. Content that pushes one’s idea of a product towards a purchase—or even a click, is the natural tide of marketing. Everything one reads online is a slight push towards another click. Why not create fun and exciting posts that get people to remember your brand? Once you get the followers, the game turns into advertising 101. 

Attention And CurationEfficient Ways to Build Your Brand Through Social Media

We live in a strange world when it comes to how we consume information. We either have 3 hours of attention span for an audiobook or a podcast, or we have 15 seconds for a clip. People like to say that this generation of users does not have any semblance of an attention span. This is simply not true. We just have a choice as to what we consume. If it’s not worth the audience’s time, it’s not going to be grandfathered in simply because someone else says it’s important. Keep posts within the two forms: long and extremely short. Anything in between reeks of traditional media. 

Social media branding is about knowing your audience. A lot of people get so focused on getting followers that they forget the whole point of social media: to serve said followers. The more you put out there and the more you provide for your base, the more you’ll grow. Experts have been saying this for years. So seek consultation, make sure your product is on point, and good luck! 


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