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4 Career Options for Those with a Master’s Degree in Education

4 CAREER OPTIONS FOR THOSE WITH A MASTER’S DEGREE IN EDUCATIONWorking in education is one of the most important and fulfilling jobs around. Being able to work with students and help them better themselves and progress in their learning capabilities is always going to be an important role in society. Moreover, there are multiple opportunities for educators who wish to take the experience that they gain from the classroom and apply it to different areas of the education system.

There is no doubt about the fact that there is always going to be a need for quality educators. However, for many of the same reasons, there is also a growing need for leaders in the field of education who can affect positive changes to the inner workings of the education system. It is only with the expertise and dedication of such leaders that education as a system and progress in the right direction to benefit the greatest number of students across the board.

If you are interested in becoming one such leader, you are likely considering earning a master’s degree in education. This can be a valuable degree option that will qualify you to pursue a variety of positions in education. Here are just four of the career options that are available to those with a master’s degree in education.

1. University Jobs

When you have obtained a masters in education UK distance learning, you will find yourself in possession of an entirely new set of skills and a much wider knowledge base about education in general. Thus, anyone who aspires to lecture or teach at the university or even post-graduate level will want to obtain such a degree.

While many universities will want to see a minimum number of years of experience in addition to a master’s degree, you will be qualified to work in higher education with your degree. You will be able to get started at the collegiate level and gain a few years of experience there. Then, if your goal is indeed to work at the university level, you should be fully qualified and equipped to do so.

2. Research Jobs

One of the fascinating aspects of education, in general, is that it is an area that is practically in constant development. There is no denying the fact that education today is starkly different from how it was twenty years ago. Ultimately, it is one of the ideologies of education that educators should always be looking for ways to improve education and prepare students better for life beyond a school’s walls.

Finding the best methods for education that can meet the challenges facing students today is no easy feat, though. This is where the importance of research in education comes into play. Those with a master’s degree in education have been instructed particularly on the history of education as well as education theory, communication, and new concepts in education. The skills acquired in such courses equips an individual to work in research to help to develop and discover newer and more effective ways of educating the students of tomorrow.

3. Curriculum Development

There are some aspects of education that have stayed relatively consistent in recent years. However, there are more that have had to be developed and progressed to prepare students better to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. This is where curriculum development finds its significance.

If you have ever wished to contribute to the development of the curriculum that is standard across classrooms, then your master’s degree in education will have prepared you for such a role. Working to find the best ways of meeting students where they are and bringing them up to the standard they deserve to be at is what curriculum development is all about. It is another aspect of education that is constantly developing and requires the right kind of minds to contribute to furthering things along in the right direction.

4. Professional Development

When you are in the field of education, your job possibilities aren’t limited to working with students in a classroom or at the university level. Rather, those with a master’s in education might wish to take their skills outside of the classroom and into the world of professional development. Companies and corporations are always looking for instructors who can bring their employees up to speed on the latest industry trends and standards. This can be an incredibly rewarding option for educators who want to break into the corporate sector.


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