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Nine significant ways to extend your commercial roof life!

NINE SIGNIFICANT WAYS TO EXTEND YOUR COMMERCIAL ROOF LIFE!One of the greatest investments in your business is the roof over it. However, statistics show that roofs need replacement between 12 to 50 years. If you have to replace a roof abruptly, it's a financial burden and causes operational disruptions.

So, let's learn some important ways to improve your commercial roof's longevity here!

1. Keep things tidy up there

Don't let dirt and debris pile up on the roof. Otherwise, accumulated dirt can prevent proper water drainage. Pooled water can cause leaks, damps, mold,, and mildew growth.

So, clean the roof as frequently as possible using a simple broom. You can even invest In a lead blower if debris accumulates too frequently and you need a quick fix.

2. Don't store anything on the roof

Often, businesses use their rooftop as storage space for equipment and other materials. Some even drill holes into the roof to install rack systems.

However, these harm the integrity of the roof. They may catch dirt and cause water stagnation. If not sealed properly, Drill holes may seep water into the insides. So, avoid turning the rooftop into a storage space.

3. Perform regular inspections

Regular inspections are an important way to ensure the long life of a commercial roof. Check for damage signs, such as leaks and cracks, and observe for any water stains.

This way, you can fix any issues before they become serious and prevent them from escalating. Otherwise, you might need a complete roof change.

You can do regular monthly inspections independently or seek expert help once or twice a year.

4. Repair damages ASAP

Whenever you notice any slight damage to your commercial roof, repair it immediately to prevent worsening it.

If you have the basic practical knowledge of roof repair, you can do it yourself. However, ensure you get materials from a reliable Los Angeles commercial roofing material supplier in the industry for decades.

If you don't have the skills, you can also seek a quality roofing service provider from the material supplier. Owing to their long experience in the business, they're they're connected with the best contractors!

5. Deal with water pooling immediately

Check the gutters and downspouts regularly. These spots must always be free from debris. Ensure that nothing is blocking the water drainage system. Investigate more thoroughly after storms and rains.

If you notice water ponding anywhere on the roof but no debris, sweep the water away manually. Then, re-examine the entire drainage system.

Check the roof sloping and ensure it's steep enough to drain water properly.

6. Prevent heat damage

The summers in Los Angeles are pretty harsh. The intense heat leads to quicker commercial roof replacements.

Several specialized protectants are available that prevent water from seeping and reflecting sunlight together. Talk to your roofing materials supplier and determine which product you need to meet both needs.

7. Invest in roof insulation

In this, a material is installed in the roof assembly. This reduces heat transfer between the outdoors and indoors.

Insulate your commercial roof to reap the following benefits:

  • It prevents moisture buildup and condensation, which further inhibits mold and mildew growth and roof structure damage.
  • It protects the roof structure from temperature fluctuation and reduces thermal stress on the roof. This protects the roof membrane and materials and keeps them intact for years.
  • It puts less pressure on the heating and cooling systems and lowers electricity bills.
  • It also reduces noise transmission from the outdoors to indoors.

8. Ventilate the roof

Roof ventilation is an excellent option to boost your commercial roof lifespan. Additionally, it keeps the roof cool during hotter seasons and reduces the extent of heat damage to your roof.

Moreover, it prevents moisture from accumulating both indoors and outdoors, which helps prevent mold growth and damp stains.

9. Trim trees regularly

If there are trees with branches hanging over or near the commercial roof, trim them regularly. Be more cautious before the rainy season and storms.

Branches can fall and damage the roof. They can also scratch the roof and ruin any heat or water protective layer.


You can make the most of your commercial roof with these primary steps. However, if there's any damage, seek professionals immediately and get it fixed!


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