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The Church in the Park

THE CHURCH IN THE PARKOver the years the Jardim das Comunidades in Almancil has hosted all kinds of community events. From Cafes to Picnics, from Concerts to the start of Rallys, from Children’s play areas to a dedicated exercise station, it is clearly a favourite spot for the people of Almancil to walk, relax and enjoy the gardens throughout the seasons.

Now there is one more reason to visit the Gardens. From September the Jardim das Comunidades will be the home of All Saints Anglican Church Almancil and it will be here that they will hold their bi-weekly Worship Services and fellowship for the Congregation.

Since the Pandemic struck in March 2020 the Congregation of All Saints have been unable to meet in person and have transferred their Worship Services Online to the Zoom platform, and through the magic of the internet have managed to make regular weekly contact and have, surprisingly, increased their attendance numbers during this time. But now 18 months on there is a collective cheer as they once again meet to worship together. Their home will be the building that stands in a very peaceful and tranquil spot to the south of the Gardens, next to the lake and within the sound of the waterfall. The Church in the Park benefits from a huge wooden deck and windows that push right back to open up one whole wall of the building allowing the Congregation to spill out into the fresh air and enjoy being surrounded by God’s beauty.

THE CHURCH IN THE PARKAll Saints new home has very graciously been provided by President Joaquim Pinto of the Junta de Freguesia of Almancil. “It is wonderful to recognized as part of the community of Almancil by the Junta, and for them to be so generous and gracious to allow us to use this very special building,” says Janet Martin, Warden of All Saints Anglican Church Almancil. “The Church in the Park will be open for worship on Wednesdays and Sundays at 10.30am and everyone in the Almancil Community and its surrounding area is most welcome”.

Of course, during these difficult times, The Church in the Park will be Covid Secure. Masks will be worn at all times; social distancing will be observed and Communion will be served in individual cups.
There is plenty of car parking available and good access to the Church from all sides of the park.

For details about services, times and directions to The Church in the Park , All Saints Anglican Church Algarve, Almancil:

Website : www.allsaintalgarve.church
Facebook : www.facebook.com/allsaintsalgarve/
Telephone number : (+351) 932 841 943
Email : secretary@allsaintsalgarve.org


All Saints Anglican Church Algarve is an Anglican Church (part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion) providing contemporary and relevant worship with strong Biblical teaching for the 21st Century.

 Our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds and nationalities who wish to join us on our faith journey of following Jesus Christ.

We are one Church with currently two worship opportunities.

One live and in person at 11am on Sunday Morning the Convent in Lagoa in a safe socialy distanced environment

The other live, interactive and on line, providing a virtual worship service at 10.30am on Sunday Morning

For more information and details on location and service times please contact:

E:  secretary@allsaintsalgarve.church
T:  (+351) 932 841 943
WhatsApp:  (+351) 932 841 943
FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/allsaintsalgarve
W:  www.allsaintsalgarve.church

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