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Presentation Of Merit Certificates To Estoi School Students

Rotary ClubRotary Club Estoi Palace International (RCEPI) has been helping the local Estoi School EB2/3 Poeta Emiliano da Costa for many years. Portuguese/English dictionaries are given annually to year 5 pupils. The Club also arranges yearly career talks for the older students.
The Club recently bought a new oven for the catering department and helped purchase equipment for the Special Needs students. Another annual event is the presentation of Merit Certificates to the 3 best students in years 5, 6, 7 and 9, and 1 certificate recognising the most improved student according to teachers.

This year the awards were presented on the 4th of December at Cinema Ossónoba, in Estoi, and went to Joana Pinto, Sara Piedade, Beatriz Mestre, Leila Potin, Beatriz Barroso, Emanuel Gago, Alexandre Pires, Inês Mata, Jénifer Costa, Sara Pinheiro, Joana Dias, Isabel Costa, Daniela Zacarias, Ana Varela e Rúben Gonçalves. The certificates were presented by RCEPI President Bruno Sousa Costa and about 200 people attended the award ceremony. Isabel Award ceremony at Estoi School EB2/3 Poeta Emiliano da CostaCosta also received a voucher to attend a Summer Camp to help improve her English.

RCEPI through its President Bruno Sousa Costa has been invited to be one of the 3 community representatives on the General Council of Agrupamento de Escolas Pinheiro e Rosa, RCEPI together with the Algarve University and the Youth and Sport Institute. The Council also includes the President of Faro Camara, Rogério Bacalhau and the President of the União de Freguesias, Conceição e Estoi, José Jeronimo. RCEPI will be a Council member for the next four years representing the community and advising on the directives and the activities of the Agrupamento. This is the organisation that coordinates the fundamental rules of basic education, strategic and planning decisions and the monitoring of their implementation.

RCEPI are very honoured to receive this invitation and distinction and will do their best to contribute to the best development of the school community.

For further information on RC Estoi Palace International contact moc@estoipalace.org, or visit www.rotaryestoipalace.org.

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