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Music Therapy brings joy to Alzheimer and Parkinsons sufferers

Music Therapy brings joy to Alzheimer and Parkinsons sufferersMusic often plays a big part in our lives.  But for many patients with cognitive disabilities such as autism or dementia, music used as therapy can make a huge difference to their quality of life.  For some dementia sufferers it brings back memories; some good and for others maybe not so good but it’s clear that music stimulates the brain in ways that other therapies may not. 

Peter Hinze,  Dora Barbosa – Director AHDPA, Rute Rodrigues– Psychologist, Adelino Rocha – President AHDPAThe Associação Humanitária dos Doentes de Parkinson e Alzheimer (AHDPA) based in Vila Sol recently asked Almancil International Rotary Club (AIRC) if it could purchase some essential musical equipment to enable them to provide music therapy in addition to other therapies for their day care clients.  In particular they needed a multi-media Bluetooth audio system, two Bluetooth microphones and an audio mix UHF relay station.

AIRC has had a long association with the Association having previously purchased items of equipment for them.  Peter Hinze, AIRC Chair of Community Services was delighted recently to present the Association with the requested equipment on behalf of the club and will fund the music therapy sessions.  Rute Rodrigues, the psychologist and music therapist for the centre wasted no time in setting up the equipment. The benefit to the clients was immediate with some singing along and even dancing to music they remembered from a time before they succumbed to dementia.   “This is a very positive outcome” said AIRC President Mark Hulit.  Dementia is a cruel condition and anything that can improve the lives of sufferers is a huge benefit and we are pleased to be a part of this improvement”.


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