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ASB February Ride To Vila Nova de Milfontes, Alentejo

ASB February Ride To Vila Nova de Milfontes, AlentejoThirty six members turned up for the latest ride-out to Vila Nova de Milfontes in Alentejo on sunny day reaching 20°c. There were two groups led by Philippe Payen and Eric Desurvire, ably assisted by Erwin Oortman and Andrew Chilton.

We started from Restaurante Cruzamento at Sào Marcos da Serra heading north to Santana da Serra. Then up to San Martinho das Amoreiras, offering up a glimpse into a truly authentic Portuguese countryside way of life with cork forest and twisty roads.
A coffee stop was made at Eira da Lagoa in Colos. We then continued up to Cercal and Vila Nova de Milfontes to embrace the stunning view of the south west coast at Porto das Barcas, a real typical fishing harbour.
We returned to Alagoachos on the outskirts of Vila Nova de Milfontes, where we all enjoyed an amazing Caldeirada, prepared by Maria and served by José and his staff from Restaurant A Petisqueira.

Please check the website for our next events.

Written by Philippe Payen.
Photos supplied by John Hefferenan.

Vila Nova de Milfontes

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