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For Adoption - Mia, The Grey Tortoiseshell

FOR ADOPTION - MIA, THE GREY TORTOISESHELL'Mia has lived in the ADAPO* cat shelter for about four years. She's a distinctive grey tortoiseshell, calm and super sweet. When she was found, in the area of the Social Security offices in Olhão, she was already an adult. Sadly, no-one ever claimed her. 

MiaMia is always looking for a welcoming lap, and will pat your arm - without claws! - to remind you she's waiting. 

She's neutered and has been tested for FELV and FIV. She gets on with the other cats, mostly by ignoring them. Mia knows she's a princess, and she wouldn't mind being the queen of the household!

For Adoption - 'Ourém' is a blue-eyed silver tabby. She was fully grown when found in the area of João de Ourém, in Olhão, begging for food and cuddles in a local café. She has been in the ADAPO cat shelter for far too long now. She tolerates other cats, but would prefer to be the only, special one, getting all your attention! Neutered and tested for FELV and FIV, Ourém is independent and calm and deserves a loving home.

For more information, email bigodesolhao@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page and leave a message:


*ADAPO: Associação de Defesa de Animais e Plantas de Olhão is a local non-profit association dedicated to reducing the feral population of cats and dogs, through a policy of trap-neuter-return. ADAPO also has a cat shelter in Pechão, and seeks to promote the re-homing of animals where appropriate.

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