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Zoomarine Water Theme Park's big re-opening

ZoomarineOn the 1st of April a new mega fun area in the Algarve reopened to the public, Zoomarine Water Theme Park.

For the 2014 season, Zoomarine a must see point of Albufeira and of the Algarve, renovated nearly all of its recreational areas and its customer services.

This year's highlight is the brand new Zoomarine Beach, a new aquatic fun area with over 2500 m2. The amazing wave beach will certainly surprise visitors with its various waves and the 2 fantastic water slides. It also has a 10 meter waterfall, surrounded by rocks and natural sand from Algarvean beaches, that will transport children and grown-ups to a sea of aquatic fun. With this new offer Zoomarine will reinforce it's image as Zoomarine water theme park due to its aquatic component, composed by the new wave beach, the water slides, renovated swimming pools and the known Rapid River and Harakiri.

A place of magic and happiness for all ages, Zoomarine will continue to feature the extraordinary dolphin, seal and sea-lion, birds of prey and tropical birds presentations. There is also the 4 dimensional film – The sea turtle adventure and the aquarium with its marine inhabitants. The amusement rides full of adrenalin will continue to ensure fun for everyone.

At Zoomarine's main stage – Sam's dolphinarium there is also news. The scenery was renovated and new digital were made available for educational and conservational purposes. Zoomarine will open its doors to its backstage area and reveal, on a giant screen, the important work done to aid life in the oceans and Zoomarine's wonderful inhabitants. With this innovated stage it will be possible to observe the choreography in a new dimension and register moments of interaction with the public.

Another feature will be “Era T-Rex”, a fantastic journey to the time when these giants roamed the Earth millions of years ago. This permanent exhibition of dinosaurs, will have over 20 species, among them fossils and animated models.

With all these new attractions Zoomarine now has available the new second day ticket, that allows the visitor, at a special rate, to enjoy a second visit to Zoomarine's island of fantasy and fun, in any one of the 10 days after the first visit.

Discount of 15% on all season passes available only at Zoomarine's ticket office.

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