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Open Door 10 - An Outstanding Success

Open Door 10 - An Outstanding SuccessLast Sunday, 6th of April, was a memorable day for Quinta dos Vales, having been the largest “Open Door” event to date.

More than 3000 visitors graced us with their presence at our award-winning farm, on a sunny Spring day.

Open Door 10 - An Outstanding SuccessThe turnout was so unexpected that by 6pm the cooled wine storage had already been emptied. Nevertheless, the wines were well received and guests had the opportunity to stroll through the stands of all 33 exhibitors that made up the ever popular well-rounded fair of regional products and services.

Live music and dance performances wowed the crowds and a presentation by the Archery Club Algarve went down well with adults and children alike.

This event was perfect for the launch of the new range of “Marquês dos Vales” white and rosé wines, especially for the collectible edition two grape variety of Arinto & Antão Vaz and the first ever Algarvean Alvarinho.

Quinta dos Vales is very grateful to all those who helped make the event possible – staff, exhibitors, performers and hospitality and photography course students; and thanks to everyone who came and was part of a triumphant day for our Algarvean wine estate.

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