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Tack så mycket! Thank you to the Swedish citizens of Albufeira

Associação Humanitária Solidariedade Albufeira (As an expression of gratitude the Associação Humanitária Solidariedade Albufeira (AHSA) would like to acknowledge that since 2014 we have been blessed with the support of a group of Swedish citizens who live in Albufeira.

Every month they have been supplying 432 liters of milk plus other food products which the amount varies depending on the necessity of each month, food such as beans, cereals, sausages, tuna, tomato pure, oil and olive oil.

Every month they have been supplying 432 liters of milk plus other food productsThis cooperation has played a very important role in the reinforcement of the hampers which are delivered to the families in need. Taking into account that AHSA supports 135 people, which 53 of them are children with a total of 51 households.

Despite the established protocol between AHSA and the food bank against hunger that donates different food supplies every month, without the help of this Swedish Family the hampers that are given to these families in need would not meet the essential requirements, especially when it comes to the quantity of milk.

Thank you for your support, involvement and enthusiasm!

For more information about the AHSA please contact:

T: 289 515 459
Address: Rua Maria Conceição Elói - Apartado 160 8200-076 Albufeira