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International Week of Service

REFOODEstoi Palace International Rotary Club and Re-Food Faro volunteered together as part of a special International Service event on March 28th, 2017. During the International Week of Service, held from March 25th to 31st, service clubs around the world were encouraged to partner together to make a bigger impact.

This service event allowed men and women to learn more about the respective work of Rotary Club of Estoi and of Re-Food in Faro, and how they are involved in their community. The project was hosted on Tuesday March 28th evening at the Re-Food Operation Center located in the middle of Faro.

Members of both associations jointly collected food from partner restaurants. Then they also re-packed the different meals available in to various sizes of boxes, according to the composition of the families, who later came to collect them.

It was not the first time that both associations met. In 2016 Rotary Club participated in the opening of this new center in Algarve, and donated to Re-food four refrigerators which would help keeping safe the non-distributed meals until the following day.

This International week of service was an opportunity to reinforce the relations between the two associations, and to better understand their daily work, when in direct contact with the local community.

To learn more about the Rotary club Estoi International Palace, contact moc@rotaryestoipalace.org The club meets each Tuesday for lunch at Estoi Palace Pousada.

Re-food in Faro is always looking for more volunteers to help distributing food to the families. A minimum of 2 hours per week is requested. Contact www.re-food.org/pt

Estoi Palace International Rotary Club at REFOOD, Faro