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ACCA gets it Eggsactly right!

ACCA gets it Eggsactly right!A sun-filled Easter Saturday in Quinta Shopping, brought out the creative talents in visiting kiddies as young as three

But it wasn’t just the children who delighted in painting their own Easter bunny face mask, or decorating eggs, or icing cup cakes… mums and dads, grans and gramps, joined in the fun and, in some instances, produced little works of art which, although not up to Faberge’s standard, certainly delighted onlookers.

ACCA gets it Eggsactly right!ACCA, the charity which looks after the needs of disadvantaged children across the Algarve, set up their stands in the morning, offering good, old-fashioned entertainment to one and all, from guess-the-weight of a cake, to name the bunny, to tossing an egg into a nest, and there was not an ipad in sight!

In all, close to €1,000 was raised, which will go into the ACCA fund set up to help pay for vital therapies and urgent treatment such as dentistry, required by children in homes or from families living on the poverty line.

ACCA will shortly release its fund-raising programme for the rest of the year. Volunteers as well as donations are what makes a difference to the work of this small charity that has won a place in so many hearts.