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Fire Chief is Guest at Buddies Algarve Ladies Lunch

Fire Chief is Guest at Buddies Algarve Ladies LunchBuddies Algarve Ladies Lunch (BALL) held their latest lunch at 'A Tasquinha', Lagoa (a little gem of a restaurant) for the presentation to the Captain of the Lagoa Bomberios the sum of €1,910.

The lunch was attended by 32 members of BALL who, with other members from the group, had collected the funds from the monthly lunches held during the course of the year. Captain Gabriel attended to accepted the money from the group organisers Carole Good-Dixon and Pat Roberts.

Captain Gabriel said that at a future special lunch in January 2018 he would bring some of the much needed equipment his firefighters and ambulance personnel need that had been purchased with the money raised.

Carole & Pat would like to thank Marco and staff at 'A Tasquinha' for a fantastic lunch, Captain Gabriel for attending and speaking to the group but most of all to all the ladies that have attended the lunches over the past year for their loyalty and generosity.

New members are always welcome, the next lunch will not be until January 2018. For more information please contact Carole at carole66@sapo.pt.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all!

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